Timothy Bradley Seeks Superstardom In October 12 Fight Vs. JMM

Unbeaten American boxing champion Timothy Bradley.

Unbeaten American boxing champion Timothy Bradley.

Unbeaten American boxing champion Timothy Bradley hopes to become a superstar professional boxer when he battles Mexican boxing superstar Juan Manuel Marquez on October 12.

Bradley said beating Marquez will give him the recognition in boxing that eluded him for a long-time despite his 30-0 with 12 knockouts record. He said many boxing fans might not recognized his efforts in his boxing win against Filipino boxing superstar Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, Bradley hopes he can get the respect that he gets when he beats Marquez come fight night.

It can be recalled that many boxing fans and some boxing experts were unhappy with the decision of the judges to declare Bradley the victor in his fight against Pacquiao. ”This is the opportunity that I had in the Pacquiao fight that slipped away due to the controversy,” Bradley said.

The experts said although Bradley has a clean boxing record, he remains just a boxer since he has less power in boxing and most of his fights are considered boring by the boxing fans. Marquez for his part is also looking forward in his fight against Bradley.

Like Bradley, Marquez has also beaten Pacquiao not on points but through brutal KO. The Mexican boxing superstar said his fight against Bradley is a challenge since the latter is a good boxer.

”Bradley is the champion. His style and my style make a great fight. I’m training very hard on my speed, especially for this fight, because speed is the most important  thing in it,” Marquez said. The experts said the Bradley-Marquez fight this early is considered as one of the top boxing bouts for 2013.