Momentour 2014


Paramore co-headliners

Paramore and Fall Out Boy have today confirmed that they will be co headlining the 2014 Momentour.

The news was announced after a video was leaked onto Fall Out Boys YouTube account. The video was pulled quickly afterwards but of course many fans had already seen the announcement.

The confirmation was delivered by Hayley Williams through her Twitter “Yes. It’s happening. Us and FOB coheadliner. Sucks some bonehead leaked it. We wanted to surprise you guys. Surprise, I guess!” the singer joked later saying “Anyway. The same bonehead that leaked the vid will surely be reposting it at it’s INTENDED time”

The video shows the members of each band going behind a curtain that is guarded by two men to graffiti a wall. Pete Wentz then signals the men and the curtain disappears to reveal the members standing in front of the combined Paramore-Fall Out Boy logo.

Paramore and Fall Out Boy fans have shown excitement for the news as it has been highly anticipated Williams said it best by Tweeting “’bout damn time. This is Monumental”.