Imagine Dragons – Thoughts on Album 2

Imagine Dragons came to a great start with their debut album ‘Night Visions’ that came in the Top 10 in the UK and Number 2 in The USA. Singles such as ‘Radioactive’ and ‘It’s Time’ came within the Top 10 across the world. For the new band this was an overwhelming start, “All our heads are spinning a little bit”, so we find out from a billboard interview.

As they continue to tour with their album ‘Night Visions’, future albums have been discussed. However, Dan Reynolds says, “I think ‘Night Visions’ has a lot of breath and life left in it”. This is why they are having a last tour of North America as a victory lap. “This is the part of the race where the marathon runner starts having the physical breakdown at the end“, however even with this exhaustion it’s nonstop for Imagine Dragons with rumours of material for the new album being created.  Dan Reynolds explains “We write on the road — in a hotel room at night or on the tour bus or on a plane, that’s how I always write; it always starts on a lap top, a very base demo idea. I already have, like, 35 demos in a playlist folder in my iTunes, (titled) ‘No. 2.” – Nothing being confirmed yet but for fans it is great news to see that we will definitely be hearing from them in the future.

The group feels no pressure to create the next album just yet, “I’m not thinking, ‘Oh, I have to make a second album and it needs to be like this’ or like that or anything.” Nothing has been set in stone however with their new album being recent and fresh there is no hurry for new material.